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iOS 16: new Lockscreen, compatibility and iPhone news

Renewed Lockscreens and Notifications, Widgets and much more!

July 22, 2022
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iOS 16: new Lockscreen, compatibility and iPhone news

In short

Let's go deeper

It's been two years now, since the phenomenal WWDC 2020 and the presentation of Apple Silicon M1, that Apple is - again - synonymous with innovation and rebirth.

This year, with WWDC 2022, the revolution has arrived on iOS 16, which brings with it one of More substantial updates for the iPhone lock screen (it didn't happen since iOS 7), various improvements also for Full Immersion mode, iMessage, Safari, Live Text and accessibility of the operating system in general.

This year's buzzword? personalisation.

Hold on tight, this is the definitive summary of all the news coming with iOS 16.

New iOS 16 features

During WWDC 2021 and with iOS 15, Apple introduced:

  • Live Text
  • Full immersion mode
  • Safari redesign
  • New features for FaceTime and iMessage

Now, with iOS 16, Apple is trying to reap the benefits of updates in previous years starting in renewal of the lock screen experience on iPhone, a real 'act of love' as stated by Craig Federighi in an interview.

List of all the iOS 16 news

  • New customizations and Memoji features
  • Lock screen redesign which in iOS 16 allows you to modify the font and color of the clock, backgrounds and widgets
  • The mode Full Immersion now also extends to the lock screen, creating new screens linked to the various modes - such as work, sleep, etc. - each with its own customizations and widgets.
  • News for Safari that allows you to replace passwords with Passkey, unique codes that simply require a PIN, a security key or a biometric identifier (Face ID) to log in.
  • The Messages app adds the ability to search for messages by date and time and to delete or modify the messages you just sent, SharePlay will also work in Messages and you can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and more directly from the app.
  • Apple Pay now allows you to receive contactless payments using only iPhone, without the need for a POS. Apple Pay Later Allows you to pay in 4 installments, in six weeks (charged every 14 days) without interest or commissions.
  • The iCloud shared photo library now allows you to seamlessly share images in a separate iCloud library, allowing synchronized editing between accounts.
  • So much more, read and don't be lazy.

Let's go into detail and explore all the new ones together Feature of iOS 16.

New iPhone lock screen

The new The iPhone lock screen is the main news of iOS 16, finally leaving behind the old and bland lockscreen:

  • possibility to customize the lock screen to the maximum, radically modifying various internal contents such as font, size and color of the clock text, widgets and notifications.
  • Possibility of Add and edit widgets to the lock screen, putting important information such as weather, calendar and battery of connected devices in the foreground.
  • Thanks to new multilevel function possibility to adjust the depth of field of the background image, simulating the perspective between subject and text of the time as in the image.

It is also possible have more lock screens with different backgrounds, colors and styles, and it only takes a single touch to easily switch between them.

There is also a gallery of themes and wallpaper to use and customize as you like.

New Widgets on the lock screen

With iOS 16, Apple has finally introduced the possibility of displaying important information, previously available only in Home, even in the lockscreen thanks to the use of Widgets.

The lock screen widgets are, as it's easy to guess, super inspired by the complications of watchOS and they allow you to always have the weather, calendar events, dates, time zones, alarms, battery level, activity rings and much more at your fingertips.

Renewed notification center


With the new lock screen, iOS 16 also renews the notification center by moving it to the bottom of the screen - therefore more easily accessible with your fingers - to create a composition balance with backgrounds and widgets that occupy the space that, until iOS 15, was reserved for notifications.

In addition, the super news is that now developers will have access to special APIs that will allow them to create a new type of widget for the lock screen: Live Activities.

This real-time activity is a new feature developed by Apple to allow users to Stay updated on current activities Like games, training, taxis and delivery without unlocking the iPhone.

In essence, Live Activities are nothing more than widgets placed at the bottom of the lock screen and that allow you to view dynamic information in real time.

Promotional video for the new Lockscreen features:

What's new in Full Immersion mode

Obviously, the new features of the lock screen do not end there and, on the contrary, they also extend to the Full Immersion mode which With iOS 16 it allows you to change widgets and backgrounds based on the selected mode.

In addition, this mode is extended with real Filters even to apps like Safari, which now hides particular tabs based on the mode chosen, for example by removing those not related to work during working hours.

The same can be done with Calendar, Mail, Messages, and third-party apps.

What's new in iMessage

With iOS 16, users will finally be able to:

  • change the text of the messages sent, marked in the chat with the word 'Modified' next to the delivery marks (such as Telegram)
  • Cancel sending a message Just sent
  • mark an entire message thread as unread
  • start SharePlay directly from the Messages app to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and watch movies, TV series together, etc.
  • The suggestions related to mentions now also include the contact image in the Quick Type bar, very useful in group chats

What's new on the keyboard

iOS 16 also introduces small but significant keyboard improvements:

  • Possibility of Enable tactile feedback, through vibration on while typing on the iPhone keyboard
  • New dictation mode

Renewed dictation mode

Here I say it, it is perhaps the most interesting news of iOS 16 in everyday use.

With iOS 16, Apple has Rethought the dictation function, simplifying and speeding up the transition between voice and text, automatically adding punctuation and simultaneously allowing you to:

  • Write with the keyboard
  • move in the text field
  • Move the cursor and insert QuickType suggestions

The new dictation function supports, in addition to automatic punctuation, the dictation of emojis such as “emoji that greets”.

Aaaah how cool machine learning is!
Let's continue.

What's new in the Photo and Live Text apps

With iOS 16, the Photos app receives significant improvements, mainly in terms of privacy and photo sharing and, mainly, on functionality Live Text Which, according to Apple, will allow copy texts even from videos.

Here are all the new features coming soon for the Photos app with iOS 16:

  • Possibility of Protect hidden photo albums with a password and Face ID
  • thanks to machine learning, it is possible, by touching and holding down the subject of an image (people, dogs, birds, insects and statues), to cut it from the background and send it in apps such as Messages, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. in the face of Photoshop
  • within the Camera app, pointing the iPhone at a text with a Live Text price, it will automatically convert it into the default system currency.
    In addition, iOS 16 also integrates the Live Text translation function into the Camera app allowing you to use the iPhone to translate signals, posters, books, etc. in real time by pointing the camera directly at the text you want to translate, touching the text selection button to select the detected text and choosing the Translate option for instant translation. CRAZY COOL.
  • Possibility of copy the changes made to the photos and paste them on the others keeping the same editing parameters (bulk edit in short)
  • Possibility of Search for photos that contain a particular word or phrase In the image

What's new in iOS 16 for iPhone 13 and 14

In addition, for owners of:

  • IPhone 13
  • iPhone 13mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 ProMax
  • and of course the entire range of iPhone 14

They will receive new features for the Camera app.

In fact, iOS 16 significantly improves the blurring of Portrait and Cinematographic modes allowing you to blur the objects in the foreground to improve the already fantastic depth of field in photos, making the cropping of profile angles, hair and glasses more accurate.

What's new in Apple Maps

As for Maps, Apple has also introduced routes with multiple stops, allowing you to plan up to 15 stops for individual trips and asking Siri to add a stop while you're on the go.

The Maps app also includes updates for those using public transport, allowing you to view the cost of a ticket for a specific route, to add and recharge transport cards in Wallet and to keep track of the balance without ever leaving the app.
In addition, several locations will have completely new 3D maps with incredible attention to detail but initially limited to only a few cities in the United States and Canada.

Family Sharing news

The news in iOS 16 also improve the “Family” functions:

  • new iCloud shared library, separated from the main one and shareable with up to 5 other people. Each user can decide independently, based on dates and people in the image, which photos to share and can also set up the automatic sending of shots to the shared library. All those who have access to the library will be able to add, delete, edit or mark videos and shared photos as favorites.
  • functionality of greater control over children's content, being able to also manage the time spent using the apps directly in the Messages app
  • Quick Start now allows you to configure a new device for a specific member of “In the family” directly at the first start
  • new personal security feature with ability to instantly disable data sharing with another user, very useful for cases of domestic violence, for example, simplifying the management of people with whom sensitive information such as location, messages and account data is shared

What's new in the Mail app

The Mail app is not exempt from improvements and in fact with iOS 16 you can:

  • schedule the shipment Email in advance
  • Cancel sending of the email a few seconds after sending
  • With the Remind Later function, the Mail app can make sure to show an email again on a fixed date and time
  • Follow Up suggestions will automatically recommend reviewing a message if the recipient has not replied
  • improved the search function to provide more relevant and accurate results, including emails, contacts, documents and recent links instantly during the search

What's new in Safari and PassKey

There are many new features in Safari, and with iOS 16, sharing and privacy reach levels never seen before:

  • easy sharing between users thanks to the introduction in Safari of a group of shared panels to which friends and family can add websites at will
  • improved collaboration between users, now possible collaborate on a series of cards at the same time and see updates instantly while you work, by sharing tabs and bookmarks directly in the browser.
  • the groups of tabs will be fully customizable with their own home pages, backgrounds, bookmarks and unique sections that can be modified by everyone

Apple has always cared about the privacy of its users and with iOS 16 and Safari we will be even more protected thanks to the introduction of PassKey.

What are PassKeys?

The PassKeys are unique digital keys, simple to use and more secure, which are never stored on the server and remain on the device, so that hackers cannot steal them in the event of a data breach or convince the user to send them under a false pretext.

How do PassKeys work?

PassKeys are digital keys designed with theObjective to completely replace passwords, in particular using Touch ID or Face ID for biometric authentication and, thanks to the help of iCloud Keychain, they are automatically synchronized on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV protected by end-to-end encryption.

Obviously, Passkeys will work on apps and websites and It will be possible to log in even on non-Apple devices unlocking access via iPhone.

New password suggestion in Safari

iOS 16 also improves, among many things, Safari's password suggestion function with the addition of a new option to change the complex password suggested by Apple, adapting it to site requirements such as special characters, specific length or special customizations.

How to change the complex password suggested by Apple?

  • Click on the suggested password and choose 'More Options'
  • Access the 'Change Complex Password' interface
  • Change the suggested fonts based on site requirements, there are also the options 'Easy to type' or 'No special characters'

What's new in HomeKit

Among the many new features, Apple has announced a total update to the Home app:

  • simplified the process of adding and using devices compatible, including individual groups for security, air conditioning, etc.
  • ability to see multiple security cameras at the same time
  • new design, revised categories, support for more cameras and redesigned panels to highlight the most important
  • with iOS 16 theHome app will be compatible with Matter, the undisputed leader and standard for the connectivity of Smart Home devices, expanding the range of accessories and connectable platforms (the iPad from iPadOS 16 onwards can no longer be used as a hub... I'll add nothing more)

What's new in Siri

There are not many new Siri features but are mostly related to messages and calls, allowing you to:

  • start shortcuts just after downloading an app, without initial configuration
  • Add emojis to messages
  • send messages automatically and End calls without using your hands, exclaiming “Hey Siri, close the call”
  • Announce notifications and incoming calls Through the iPhone's speakers

What's new in Apple Pay

With iOS 16, Apple introduced the new function in Apple Pay Apple Pay Later which, in essence, It allows you to defer payments up to a maximum of 6 weeks without interest or commissions.

Orders and installments will be managed directly in the Wallet app through the new Apple Pay Order Tracking, initially only in the United States.

In addition, among the novelties there is also the possibility of also save the CVV code in the Wallet credit cards in order to further speed up payments in Safari.

How to add CVV to credit cards saved in Safari?

The option to save the CVV in Apple Pay can be activated by going to Safari -> Automatic entry -> Saved credit cards.

What's new in the Health app

Last but not least. iOS 16 introduces the Health app to create and manage a list of Medications, setting schedules and reminders to keep track of intake.

Currently only in the United States, To add a new drug to the list, simply frame the label with the iPhone camera and the system will automatically retrieve all the information related to the medicine.

The Health app will send a notification if the new drug has possible negative interactions with other medications taken and you can download the data in PDF to be shared with doctors and family members, directly from the app.

Other iOS 16 news

After having delved into all the most relevant news in iOS 16, let's see together what's left:

  • possibility to select your team to stay updated on games and championships with the new Mysports
  • ability to easily restore system privacy permissions for all apps, stop real-time location tracking and more thanks to the new function Privacy Check
  • Handoff support on Facetime
  • possibility to use, with the Password function in Settings, third-party apps as default for authentication as an alternative to iCloud Keychain
  • Possibility to unlock iPhone horizontally with Face ID
  • Possibility of View the Wi-Fi password you are connected to (FINALLY)
  • Fitness app on iPhone so you can monitor your workouts even without having an Apple Watch
  • simplified the management of AirPods and Beats through a new section in Settings where it will also be possible to create one Custom Spatial Audio, with ear scan using the iPhone's front camera
  • Possibility to control Apple Watch directly from the iPhone

Devices compatible with iOS 16

Here is the list of iPhones on which it will be possible to install iOS 16:

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • IPhone X
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • IPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 and 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 and 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (second and third generation)

iOS 16 release date

Here we have arrived at the most important question of all:

When will iOS 16 be officially released?

The The final version of iOS 16 will definitely be released in fall 2022 together with the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

Like every year, let's expect the presentation and launch of iPhone 14 with contemporary iOS 16 release in September.

For those who are in the middle of hype train and don't want to wait, both the developer beta and the public beta of iOS 16 are now available, with other updates coming during the summer.

Here's how to download the beta version of iOS 16.

How to install the beta version of iOS 16

  • Make a new iPhone backup from Settings
  • From iPhone go to the site Apple Beta Software Program
  • Tap the arrow in the upper right corner, in the drop-down menu click on 'Sign in' and log in
  • Now make sure you are on the 'Guide for Public Betas' page and that iOS is selected below
  • Scroll down and in the Get Started section, click on the link “enroll your iOS 16 device”
  • Scroll down again and click on the blue “Download profile” button
  • Tap Allow to download the profile, then press Close
  • Go to Settings on your device and click on 'Downloaded Profile' at the top
  • Tap Install in the upper right corner, enter your passcode if necessary
  • Read the consent agreement, then tap Install twice more
  • The iPhone will ask you for consent to restart to complete system changes
  • After the restart, go back to Settings> General> Software Update
  • You should see the public beta version of iOS 16 available, click on Download and Install
  • Enjoy the beta, embrace the hype train!
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