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Why buy Apple Watch Cellular version?

The real question is: why not?

January 22, 2022
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March 4, 2023
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Why buy Apple Watch Cellular version?

In short

  • Apple Watch is a small smartphone
  • Apple Watch Cellular allows you to use the iPhone's phone number on the watch
  • You can go around without a phone, Apple Watch Cellular calls and goes on the internet by itself
  • In Italy it is supported only by Tim and Vodafone

Let's go deeper

The question that often comes up when buying Apple's first Watch is precisely: “Why buy Apple Watch Cellular version?”

The answer is as simple as it is trivial: why not?

Today's short and direct article, no beating around the bush, I promise.

Apple Watch, the ideal companion for the iPhone

THEApple Watch, for those who come here for the first time, it's nothing more than a little smartphone enclosed in a small clock-shaped body (we will explore the topic in a future review).

Considering the infinite potential of this device, and its applications, it is wrong in my opinion to consider it one “sportwatch”.

Although it has all the functions to track sports activities and calories, theApple Watch Present one Store full of applications which go far beyond sport, extending and amplifying the use of the smartphone.

An example? THEApp Wallet It allows you to pay at the checkout in a contactless way directly from the watch.

Another example? The camera app allows you to Remotely control the iPhone camera, without having to wait for a selfie.

A good example? Spotify. If connected to Wi-Fi, theApple Watch allows us to control the music, directly from our wrist, in a very simple way.

An even better example? The Phone app.

THEApple Watch, unlike the Chinese 4-money Xiaomi or other medium-low end smartwatches, presents the ability to receive and make voice calls. Same thing goes for messages. All of this, however, If paired with the iPhone and connected via Bluetooth.

So here the question of the title comes up spontaneously: Why buy the cellular version?

We understand.

What does Apple Watch Cellular mean?

Simply theApple Watch Cellular mount the technology for cellular connectivity, allowing us to activate a virtual SIM, keeping the telephone number of the iPhone.

So the Cellular version gives us the option to always stay in touch with the world, to call, send messages and take advantage of all the applications that use the data connection, such as Spotify or Maps, even if the phone is far away, we bypass all the 'ifs' of the previous paragraphs.

Recommended use cases and reasons to consider the Cellular version

The cool thing about Apple Watch Cellular, unlike the basic version with only GPS, is that it allows us to experience connectivity in the most diverse ways:

  • We can Go for a run, or in the gym, leaving iPhone at home and carrying only Apple Watch and AirPods; we can listen to music on Spotify during training, and receive calls in total freedom, simply wearing the watch
  • Is your iPhone battery running out? No problem. The Apple Watch battery lasts a long time, in my case with Apple Watch SE It also lasts two days, and you'll never have to worry about being isolated from the world
  • one absurd use case? I was in the center of Rome, I had to meet a friend in Via del Babbuino, and my iPhone was downloaded. After the initial panic I remembered that”Hey, I have a Apple Watch with the data connection.” In two seconds I set the destination on the smartwatch in the Maps app and I didn't get lost in the streets of the capital 😂.

But no more talking, which operators does Apple Watch Cellular support in Italy?

Operators that support the Cellular version

Currently, to take advantage of cellular connectivity features, you need subscribe to a subscription plan with an operator Which supports the virtual SIM of Apple Watch, in Italy there are two:

  • Vodafone, with Vodafone One Number at 4.99€ per month, which can be activated directly via the My Vodafone App
  • Tim, with Tim One Number, active since 2022, always at 4.99€ per month.

Obviously, the SIM in the phone must be, compulsorily, Vodafone or Tim and the Apple Watch will have the same number as the iPhone.

Outside Italy, the situation changes because, every Apple Watch, is optimized for the country in which it is sold.

But in short, if you go to the United States and they shoot you - which is unlikely but in America anything is possible - you can still call the emergency number using the side button, if you survive 🤣.

Models and prices

Here are the best Apple Watch GPS+ Cellular models currently on the market:





Conclusion and advice

Io ho Apple Watch 8 Cellular version and I say it clearly, I would never go back just for the feeling of tranquility What do you try to Go out with an empty phone why, So much, there's the Apple Watch.

And I almost forgot!

If you hate carrying 3000 chargers around, I recommend that you consider buying theApple duo Magsafe From this links.

It's expensive, it's between 100€ and 150€ but it's really worth it because there allows you to charge iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time with a single Lightning cable.

Until next time, Internet users.

written by human, not by AI

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