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New iPad Pro and Air 2024: news, leaks and rumors from the May event

AI and OLED screen finally?

May 4, 2024
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May 9, 2024
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New iPad Pro and Air 2024: news, leaks and rumors from the May event

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EDIT: Here is the full article with all the news from the event: links!

Apple has recently announced the Keynote “Let loose” of May 7, 2024, completely dedicated to iPad.

But what news can we expect for the new 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air?

Credits: @theapplehub on Instagram

Let's see together the leaks and rumors of the last few weeks.

iPad Pro 2024

Here is the list of all the iPad Pro news that emerged from multiple sources:

Credits: @theapplehub on Instagram
  1. Larger dimensions: The new iPad Pro could have an even larger screen than the current 12.9-inch model, reaching 14.1 inches or even 16 inches, although it is expected that Apple will continue to produce models in the current dimensions for the Air.
  2. OLED screen: The new iPad Pro is likely to use an OLED screen, representing a significant improvement compared to current models. BUT LET'S TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT THAT THEY SAY IT EVERY YEAR AND THEN NOTHING
  3. Apple Silicon M4: The new iPad Pro will certainly come out with the new M4 chip or an enhanced M3 Pro, offering higher performance than previous models and introducing technology to support AI features that 100% Apple will introduce with the new OS.
  4. More RAM and storage: Some sources suggest that the new iPad Pro could start with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, with the possibility of expanding up to 4 TB.
  5. Renewed design: Rumors have emerged about a possible redesign for the new iPad Pro, which could include thinner dimensions and borders reduced by up to 10-15% compared to the previous model. A border similar to the screens of the new MacBooks would be wonderful.
  6. MagSafe wireless charging: Rumor has it that the new iPad Pro could support wireless charging through MagSafe, opening up the possibility of compatible accessories. But if it's as slow as the iPhone they can keep it 😂.
  7. Front camera: FINALLY iPad Pro should have a rearrangement of the front camera on the long side, mega-useful especially for video calls and Face ID.
  8. Camera improvements: Although there are no precise details, improvements could be made to the cameras of the new iPad Pro to improve photographic and video performance like the iPhone 15 Pro.
  9. Software updates: With the launch of the new iPad Pro, new software features may be introduced that are optimized to make the most of the device's hardware performance.
  10. Possible support for additional accessories: As design and hardware specifications evolve, support for new accessories may be introduced, such as a new version of the Apple Pencil or an updated Magic Keyboard.
  11. Battery life improvements: Although there are no specific battery details, it is likely that the new iPad Pro will offer improvements in battery life or charging technology for an optimal user experience.

iPad Air 2024

Here is the complete list of expected news for the 2024 iPad Air 6:

Credits: @theapplehub on Instagram
  1. Two possible models: Two new iPad Air models may be available, in line with the Pro models and a larger screen than the current 10.9-inch model.
  2. Screen: The various leaks indicate that the iPad Air 6 could have a larger display, with a 12.9-inch model that always seems very likely but without mini-LED technology to keep the price affordable.
  3. Possible movement of the front camera: It is assumed that the front camera can be moved to one of the long edges of the tablet as already done for the basic iPad.
  4. M2 or M3 processor: It is likely that the iPad Air 6 uses Apple's M2 chip, guaranteeing significant performance improvements compared to the previous model or a nice M3 but I see it hard, the price would be too high.
  5. Memory and storage: More storage capacity could be offered, solving the problem of the limited - and very odious - basic memory of current models.
  6. Battery life: Although there are no specific details, it is possible that the new iPad Air uses a larger battery or implements optimizations to improve battery life.
  7. Design: There may be minor changes in the design, such as new dimensions that are thinner and lighter than the previous model to make it compatible with the new iPad Pro accessories.
  8. Distinctive identity: A branding strategy could be implemented to better differentiate the iPad Air from the Pro model, making it more accessible and attractive to a different group of users. Actually, now it is not that the difference between Air and Pro is well understood.

iPad accessories

Juicy news also expected for iPad accessories:

  1. New Apple Pencil with haptic feedback: It seems that the new Pencil for iPad will have an interesting function: haptic feedback, making the pen even more realistic, intuitive and responsive.
  2. Squeeze function: From the code found in the iPadOS software, we could have the introduction of a new function called “squeeze” for the Apple Pencil, useful for quick interactions such as adding shapes, signatures, stickers or text fields, and could be activated by pressing the surface of the Pencil.
  3. Finally Find My: The new Apple Pencil will have the ability to be located through Find My, perfect for those who always lose their pen due to covers that do not protect it.

For more information on Apple's May 7 'Let Loose event', here's my item about it.

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