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Why buy an iPad WiFi + Cellular?

Qual è la scelta migliore?

May 13, 2024
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Why buy an iPad WiFi + Cellular?

In short

  • iPad WiFi + Cellular is the ideal companion for mobility
  • Allows you to use a SIM card to connect to the Internet anywhere
  • You can work, surf and play without needing a WiFi network
  • All carriers support iPad Cellular

Let's go deeper

When choosing a new iPad, one of the most important decisions concerns connectivity: opting for the WiFi-only model or adding Cellular functionality?

Let's go deeper together.

iPad, the Perfect Companion for Mobility

THEiPad, for those who don't know it yet, is much more than a simple tablet. It's a powerful device that combines the portability of a smartphone with the functionality of a computer.

We'll go deeper into this topic in another guide, but for now you just need to know that the iPad can do practically everything a computer does, but from wherever you are.

Many consider it only for multimedia or entertainment use, but they underestimate its potential in the professional and educational fields. With an App Store full of applications, from video editing to project management, the iPad pushes the boundaries of entertainment.

An example? With the new Final Cut app, You can edit your videos directly from your iPad.

Are you traveling and need to attend an urgent meeting? With iPad Cellular, you can easily connect wherever you are and participate without interruption with apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

An interesting example? Procreate. This app turns your iPad into a graphic board for drawing and painting with professional precision.

And it doesn't end here! If you opt for the WiFi + Cellular version...

What Does iPad WiFi + Cellular Mean?

Simply, The WiFi + Cellular version of the iPad includes a SIM card slot that allows you to access the Internet without the need for a WiFi network. You can activate a data plan just like you would with a phone.

This gives you the freedom to always be connected, even when you're away from a WiFi network, allowing you to make the most of all the apps that require an internet connection, surf the internet and receive emails.

Use cases

The beauty ofiPad WiFi + Cellular, unlike the WiFi-only version, lies in the total mobility it offers:

  • Do you want to work in a cafe without WiFi? No problem. Your iPad already has everything you need.
  • Do you like to travel? Take your iPad with you and stay connected to manage your emails, navigate Google Maps or keep up to date with the news, without depending on the often insecure WiFi networks of hotels or airports.
  • Do you want to play on the go? Go to the villa, enjoy the sun and play your favorite video games without limits thanks to mobile data and, mainly, without downloading the iPhone!
  • A practical use case? I am on vacation in the Abruzzo National Park without access to WiFi. I have my iPad, activated my cellular data, and I'm writing this wonderful article admiring the breathtaking view.

Supported operators

In terms of operator support, the iPad with Cellular connectivity offers great flexibility of choice, in fact You can use any operator on the market and, for the latest iPad models, that support eSIM technology.

The advice is to use Sims from virtual operators such as Iliad, who often offer competitive and flexible data plans, ideal for the auxiliary use of an iPad.

Models and Prices

Here are some of the top iPad WiFi + Cellular models currently available on the market:

  • iPad Pro M4, ideal for those who work on the move and need to access the Internet everywhere, starting from 1,469,00€
  • iPad Air M2, great for students and professionals who need a stable connection while on the go, starting at 889.00€
  • iPad (10th generation), perfect for those who need mobile internet for work or leisure, starting from 629.00€
  • iPad Mini 6, super for those who travel frequently and need a fast, stable and mainly pocket-sized connection, starting from 609.00€

[fs-toc-omit] Conclusion

I have a iPad Pro WiFi + Cellular version and I would never go back.

The freedom to be able to work, play, or study from anywhere without worrying about the internet connection is priceless.

And don't forget, if you're always on the go and hate carrying too many chargers, consider buying a powerful power bank as well.

Until next time, tech friends!

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