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iPad Pro M4 Oled and Air 2024: news from the Apple event on May 7

Lots of power and brilliant colors

May 8, 2024
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iPad Pro M4 Oled and Air 2024: news from the Apple event on May 7

In short

  • New 11” and 13” iPad Pro with M4 chip
  • New 11” and 13” iPad Air with M2 chip
  • New Apple Pencil Pro
  • New Magic Aluminum Keyboard for iPad Pro
  • Lowest price for basic iPad

Let's go deeper

Let's dive into the fantastic world of iPads and analyze together the new iPad Pro and Air, presented by Apple during the keynote on May 7.

iPad is beautiful because it is always a certainty, immutable over time - in fact there is always little news between one generation and another - and never loses the intrinsic property of paperweight.

This year they presented the most powerful and thinnest paperweight ever.

Obviously, if you work in the world of creativity, exploiting all the screen and pen capabilities, it's a completely different matter and the iPad becomes indispensable.

Seriously, let's delve into the Hardware news Some of the best tablets in the world, really.

What's new in iPad Pro with M4

iPad Pro 2024 presents a significant improvement over previous generations, slightly revising the design and maximizing the visual quality thanks - and finally I would say - to a brand new OLED screen.

Here are all the new features of iPad Pro:

  1. Slim and lightweight design: The New iPad Pro has been designed with particular attention to reducing thickness and weight. Result? Incredibly thin and light device that maintains the ruggedness and build quality we've been used to from Apple.
  2. Ultra Retina XDR display: FINALLY OLED. iPad Pro this year is equipped with a fantastic Ultra Retina XDR display that represents a significant qualitative leap in the visual experience, thanks to Tandem OLED technology that offers extraordinary brightness, high contrast and super deep blacks. I'll just tell you that the screen brightness is 1000 nits for SDR and HDR content and reaches 1600 nits of peak brightness for HDR, top for any multimedia content.
  3. M4 chip: iPad Pro is the first device to be equipped with the brand new Apple Silicon M4 chip, just announced and designed by Apple to offer exceptional performance, decidedly out of scale compared to any other tablet on the market and advanced features for AI.
  4. Pro Cameras: FINALLY iPad Pro presents the front camera on the long side, equipped with the usual 12MP with ultra-wide angle and automatic framing, allowing high-quality selfies and video calls with a wider field of view and better frame management. The rear cameras have also been upgraded but nothing special, iPhone 15 Pro is unattainable.
  5. Pro connectivity: The iPad Pro's USB-C port has been enhanced with support for Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4, allowing fast and versatile connectivity to connect external accessories, SSDs and transfer data at high speed for video montages with Final Cut 2 just introduced.
  6. Apple Pencil Pro: News also on the accessory side with the New Apple Pencil Pro, designed to offer an even more natural and intuitive writing and drawing experience. It is equipped with a sensor for changing instruments on the fly through the Squeeze function and a special haptic motor that provides tactile feedback during use.
  7. New Magic Keyboard and Smart Folio: Apple has introduced a new Magic Keyboard designed specifically for the new iPad Pro, updated with a thinner and lighter design, function keys, trackpads like MacBooks and FINALLY aluminum body. In short, with this one above it costs as much as a MacBook Air but without MacOS, the usual limitations of our beloved and hated iPadOS remain.



What's new in iPad Air with M2

iPad Air 2024 honestly it didn't surprise me too much, Like every generation it is a recycling of the previous iPad Pro model so pay attention to any previous Pro offers.

It must be said that the new 13” format is really interesting for those who need a device for creative use at an affordable price.

Let's see together all the news of iPad Air with M2 chip:

  1. Two formats available: The new iPad Air is finally available in two sizes, 11" and 13", and both are equipped with the powerful M2 chip. An interesting turning point for iPad Air, which for the first time offers users a wider choice to adapt a bit to everyone's needs.
  2. “New” M2 chip: Thanks to the M2 chip, iPad Air offers excellent performance thanks to the presence of the M2 chip, already widely appreciated and used on the 2022 iPad Pro.
  3. Horizontal front camera: As with the basic iPads and the new Pro, the new iPad Air also features a 12MP front camera with ultra-wide angle positioned on the long side to optimize the experience during video calls.
  4. Faster 6E and 5G Wi-Fi connections: iPad Air features Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and support for ultra-fast 5G networks, achieving speeds up to twice as fast as the previous generation.
  5. Powerful device for AI: Thanks to the M2 chip, iPad Air is equipped with a 16-core Neural Engine that should allow the device to support all the new AI features that will surely be introduced in the new Apple operating systems.
  6. Apple Pencil Pro compatibility: iPad Air is compatible with Apple Pencil Pro, an excellent compromise for those who design and want to save a little on the device without giving up the news introduced with the new Pencil



Basic iPad news

Apple has decided to significantly lower the price of the basic iPad, going from 599€ on the list to 439€, so it can be easily found already in offer on Amazon about 300€, which is a bargain.


iPad Pro vs iPad Air: which one to choose?

Both new iPad Pro with M4 chip and iPad Air with M2 chips they offer exceptional performance and a host of advanced features that make them attractive choices for a wide range of users.

However, the choice between the two depends on the user's specific needs.

Let's figure out together what to do.

If you are looking for maximum performance and are willing to invest in a high-end device, the iPad Pro with M4 chip may be the best choice. With its Liquid Retina XDR display, the powerful M4 chip and a series of advanced features such as support for Apple Pencil Pro and the new aluminum Magic Keyboard, theiPad Pro is ideal for creative professionals, artists and anyone who needs extreme processing power for complex tasks such as video editing, 3D rendering and AI processing that we will surely find in iPadOS 18.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-performance device that is more affordable in terms of price, the iPad Air with M2 chip may be the best choice. With high performance, faster Wi-Fi 6E and 5G connectivity, and compatibility with Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard, theiPad Air is a versatile solution for students, professionals with mobile work needs, and anyone who needs a reliable device for work and leisure.

In short, the decision depends on needs and mainly budget, with both models offering an exceptional and avant-garde experience in the world of paperweights... well iPad.

Final Thoughts

Both iPad Pro with M4 chip and iPad Air with M2 chip they represent the quintessential of technological innovation in the world of iPads, offering extraordinary performance and a wide range of advanced features.

But my dear ones, we cannot ignore the fact that, despite all their interesting features, in the end Are they still devices that They make us wonder if we really need a tablet that costs as much as a Macbook.

But hey, at least they make us feel technologically advanced while we play Candy Crush during our lunch break, right?

If we catch on the internet 🚀

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