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How to optimize iPhone and iPad battery

Tricks and products to never run dry!

May 13, 2024
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How to optimize iPhone and iPad battery

In short

Let's go deeper

Ah, technology and its whims! Who hasn't found themselves with an iPhone running at 5% battery just when they need it most?

Just in those moments, I realize how essential it is to know how to best manage the charge of our Apple devices.

Today I propose a journey to discover the best - and trivial - tricks to extend the life of your battery and, why not, some suggestions on a faithful traveling companion: the powerbank.

Always update, update anyway

Let's start with the basics: keep your device updated. It seems trivial, right?

But how many times have we postponed that software update, thinking 'I'll do it tomorrow'?

Apple doesn't joke when it releases updates that improve the energy efficiency of devices. So, don't be lazy: Settings > General > Software Update And off you go, to download!

Screen brightness!

Screen brightness is our number one enemy when it comes to battery consumption. By reducing it, not only do you save energy, but your eyes will thank you after long sessions in front of the screen.

And don't forget the dark backgrounds on OLED; they are a lifesaver for the battery because they completely turn off the screen's pixels.

Who would have thought that a small change of 'look' could make a difference?

Background apps: friends or foes?

Let's face it, we often forget about those apps open in the background that consume battery without us realizing it.

A quick journey into Settings > General > Background app update and you can say goodbye to those little energy vampires.

Who needs constant updates to the weather app?

The energy saving mode: a lifesaver

When your iPhone alerts you that your battery is at 20%, this is not the time to ignore it.

Activate energy saving mode and you'll see your device survive long enough to take you home safely.

Find this valuable option in Settings > Battery.

In addition, thanks to the iPhone Commands app, you can automate the activation of energy savings based on the battery percentage, for example I set it when the battery reaches 40%.

Monitor battery usage

iOS allows you to be real energy detectives.

Find out in Settings > Battery to find out which apps are sucking the most life out of your device.

Perhaps you will discover that the main problem with battery consumption is you with your 6 hours of reels and videos on Instagram and TikTok!

Beware of the heat

Apple devices don't like freezing cold or scorching heat.

Keep iPhone and iPad away from thermal extremes if you care about their health (and yours), in summer on the beach at 50° it is normal for the iPhone to discharge quickly, for this reason it is always useful to carry a nice powerbank with you.

The powerbank: a modern hero

After all this advice, sometimes what is needed is simply more energy.

This is where the powerbank comes in.

Whether you are urban adventurers or forest explorers, a good powerbank can be your best ally. There are various types and capacities, so choose the one that best suits your daily adventures.

Here's my selection of 5 great powerbanks for iPhone, iPad and Mac:

  1. Anker Magnetic Wireless Power Bank with Magsafe 622 (MagGo):
    • Capacity: 5000 mAh
    • features: Integrated stand, wireless magnetic charging, 12.8 mm ultra-thin design, Mini-Cell technology for compact dimensions.
    • Advantages: The holder allows you to use the iPhone vertically while charging; the strong magnetic attraction ensures safe and stable charging; slim design optimized for everyday use and portability.
  2. Anker 5000mAh Nano Power Bank:
    • Capacity: 5000 mAh
    • features: 22.5W fast charging, two USB-C ports, PowerIQ 3.0 technology, foldable USB-C connector, super compact design.
    • Advantages: It offers high-speed charging with two ports for multiple devices, foldable connector to avoid tangles and damage, ideal for travel thanks to its portable design and the ability to charge devices on the go.
  3. Anker Nano 10,000mAh Power Bank:
    • Capacity: 10,000 mAh
    • features: PD 30 W, bidirectional charging, integrated USB-C cable, 1 USB C and 1 USB-A, recycled plastic exterior.
    • Advantages: Fast charging with 10,000 mAh capacity for multiple devices, the integrated cable eliminates the need to carry additional cables, charge the device and the power bank quickly, environmentally friendly design with recycled material.
  4. Anker Power Bank Fast Charge - 737 (PowerCore 24K):
    • Capacity: 24,000 mAh
    • features: 140 W of power, 3 ports, digital display, compatibility with iPhone, Samsung, MacBook, Dell and others.
    • Advantages: High charging capacity allows you to charge multiple devices several times; high power for fast and efficient charging; digital display for easy monitoring of the state of charge.
  5. Belkin USB-C 20K Portable Battery Charger:
    • Capacity: 20,000 mAh
    • features: 3 ports with fast charging (1 USB-C and 2 USB-A), Power Delivery technology, USB-C to USB-A cable included, battery status LED indicator.
    • Advantages: It allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously, offers fast and safe charging with overload protection, equipped with an LED indicator to monitor the charge, and includes an extended warranty.

[fs-toc-omit] Conclusion

Managing your Apple device's battery doesn't have to be a nightmare.

With these simple steps, you can maximize battery life and enjoy the technology without the hassle of charging.

And if all else fails, Remember that a good powerbank can be your white horse in times of need. Never underestimate the power of an energy backup!

Now, go out and enjoy your digital world without fear of the fateful red battery icon.

Oh, and don't forget to recharge the Powerbank!

written by human, not by AI

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