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Apple Watch Ultra review: is it suitable for those who DON'T play sports?

A realistic analysis

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Apple Watch Ultra GPS + Cellular

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I know why you're here, do you want Apple Watch Ultra or Ultra 2 but you think it's a crazy, exaggerated and useless expense because you are anything but Ultra.

I thought so too, then I bought it from compulsive shopping and I would never go back.

Today let's figure out together if it's worth buying Apple Watch Ultra to us normal people, who do not do extreme sports and have requirements that are too special, such as diving in the Pacific Ocean.

My video about it:

Let's start with aesthetics.


The titanium case design is divisive, Very bulky and far from the harmony of forms that Apple has accustomed us to over time, it almost seems to be not their product!

It's big, squat and it doesn't look too good on my wrists as small as mine.


The Ultra features of the Apple Watch Ultra are decent, let's see them together:

  • It has a huge and super bright screen
  • Action button for Quick Commands (I use it for the flashlight hahaha)
  • Exclusive optimizations for extreme sports such as diving or mountaineering (you do it every day right?)

But for us ordinary people, what's the point of buying a Apple Watch Ultra?

I've been wondering about it for a long time.

Then came the lighting after the purchase.

Battery life

Let's get to the real killer feature of this Apple Watch Ultra: battery life.

The autonomy of this Watch is infinite.

Do from 3 days of normal use to 4/5 of use with active energy savings.

This thing is very comfortable.



Oh yes, I only bought it because I had bothered to charge my Apple Watch 8 every day.


If you're as obsessed as I am with optimizing your life, take it.

Otherwise you'll buy yourself a nice Watch SE And if we catch him diving in the bathtub at home hahahah


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