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Apple: new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M3 chip

Usual design, so much more power

In breve:


Apple has just presented through a press release a hardware update to the MacBook Air.
The most beautiful and powerful laptop in the world improves slightly, for the umpteenth time.


List of news, in brief, of this MacBook Air M3:

  • More power thanks to the M3 Chip
  • Twice faster Wi-Fi compared to the previous model
  • Possibility to Connect 2 displays at the same time



The new MacBook Air with 3-nanometer Apple Silicon M3 chip offers excellent performance with:

  • 60% more power than model with M1
  • 13 times faster than models with Intel processors (it didn't take long to overcome them hahaha)
  • greater energy efficiency
  • 8-core CPU
  • 10-core GPU
Macbook Air m3 performance

In short, very powerful for any activity you want to do, from daily activities to web development, photo and video editing and much more.


The design has not changed compared to the model with M2 very thin and light, it is very beautiful especially in Midnight color.

For mobile use, it's unbeatable.


18 hours.

The Macbook Air M3 promises a whopping EIGHTEEN HOURS of battery life with standard usage.

As the owner of a model with M2, I confirm everything.

Pricing and availability

The new MacBook Air with M3 chip will can be ordered starting March 4 and will be available in stores starting March 8.

The prices, as for the previous models, start at:

  • €1,349 for the 13" model
  • €1,649 for the 15" model.

Rega is a mine, as the owner of MacBook Air M2 I can only recommend it to you hands down.

MacBook Air M2 vs M3

But in a nutshell, what changes between the M2 chip model and this new one MacBook Air M3:

  • The Macbook Air M3 is 0.2x faster than the previous one with M2 and 1.6x compared to the model with M1
  • support for up to two external monitors, with closed laptop screen
  • New Wi-Fi 6e that is 2x faster

Dispassionate advice?

The Macbook Air M2 is really super, if you want the new good otherwise M1 and M2 are still super valid.

If in doubt, I'll leave you the links.




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