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The best keyboards for iPad Mini 2021: which one to buy?

A small but big limit

March 20, 2022
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August 13, 2022
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The best keyboards for iPad Mini 2021: which one to buy?

In short

Let's go deeper

If you are here to know if there is a keyboard for theiPad Mini 2021 I have bad news for you, but let's go in order.

THEiPad Mini 2021, presented in November 2021, was something that was not expected and that, both positively and negatively, surprised everyone.

It has a beautiful design - inherited from its big brothers iPad Pro and Air - and is very powerful, light and super pocket-sized.

But, as can be seen from the lack of Smart connector Back and from Apple's own website, this sixth-generation iPad Mini It was designed for mainly touch use, excluding a priori the possibility of magnetically connecting keyboards such as the Magic Keyboard.

But then? There are no keyboards for iPad Mini 2021?

What keyboards to buy for iPad Mini 2021

Before moving on to keyboards, a premise must be made.

As a happy owner of iPad Mini 2021 I do feel the lack of something native like the Magic Keyboard but, objectively, there would be no space for a keyboard that is comfortable to use because, given the size of the iPad, the keys would be too small for prolonged use.

But let's get to the point.

Apple recommended 2021 iPad Mini keyboards

Let's start with the advice from the parent company.

Ando on the Apple website, in the iPad accessories section, it is possible to filter keyboards based on device compatibility and, by selecting iPad Mini 2021, a single keyboard is recommended.

Apple's recommended keyboard for the 2021 iPad Mini is the Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra-Slim Keyboard, at the price of €69.95.

The Logitech Keys-To-Go It's agreat Bluetooth keyboard, light and super portable, which thanks to the soft and quiet backlit keys, is very comfortable even for extended writing sessions.

The peculiarity of this keyboard is, in addition to its super portability, the splash resistance, crumbs and dirt because it is completely covered with a FabricSkin material that protects its components 100%.

The battery, on a single charge, lasts up to 3 months.

The only flaw? It charges via micro-USB and in 2022 this thing is medieval, in my opinion.

Obviously, since it is not magnetic and not incorporated in a case, it could be uncomfortable in portability as it would require a bag to carry both iPad and keyboard.

My advice in case it is essential? Pair it with an accessory such as a adjustable tablet table stand by Anozer, I have it and it's very comfortable and super portable

2021 iPad Mini keyboards on Amazon

Obviously, given the enormous demand and, above all, the absence of an original Apple keyboard for the 2021 iPad Mini, companies that produce third-party accessories did not sit idly by and have flooded Amazon with alternatives - not always beautiful - available right away.

Let's take a look.

The keyboard for iPad Mini 6 More interesting is a FOGARI Keyboard Case, with Italian layout, sold for 35,99€.

Unlike the Logitech Keys-to-Go, It is integrated into the leather case that wraps around the iPad and transforms the 2021 iPad Mini, for all intents and purposes, into a laptop.

The keyboard is backlit with 7 colors and 3 different brightness levels, recharges in 3-4 hours and the battery lasts 90 days in stand-by.

The cons? It increases the thickness of the iPad considerably, it is recharged via micro-USB and in short, it does not have the construction quality of an Apple or Logitech product.

There are dozens of other keyboards like this one, which, on average, has a higher review score.

Click this links to see them all.

Upcoming keyboards for iPad Mini 2021

As of today, March 20, 2022, no new keyboards have been announced for iPad Mini 6 not on the part of Apple and not on the part of Logitech.

I will update this article periodically should anything interesting come out.


Here are the new interesting keyboards identified periodically:

Snugg keyboard and trackpad case for iPad Mini 6

Finally I found a case model that really transforms iPad Mini 6 in a laptop computer: the Snugg case.

The case comes with an Apple Pencil slot, Backlit keyboard and trackpad and the connection with iPad Mini 6 takes place, due to the lack of the smart connector, via Bluetooth.

Obviously you will have to recharge it often and it increases dramatically the size of iPad Mini 6 transforming it into something much less portable but the Snugg case It is the best possible compromise, to date, to convert the small iPad into something more.


Let's be clear, solutions like Apple Magic Keyboard, the Smart Keyboard Or the Folio Touch Of Logitech we will definitely never see them on a iPad Mini 2021.

We can only hope that, if market demand were to be important, Logitech would consider producing something similar to the Combo or Folio Touch but, without the rear smart connector, it could be, if not impossible, unlikely.

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