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iPad Pro 2022 with M2 chip review: is it really worth it?

Very powerful but what has changed from the 2018 model?

January 16, 2023
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iPad Pro 2022 with M2 chip review: is it really worth it?

In short

Let's go deeper

HEY YOU! I know you're here because you want to buy theMost powerful iPad Pro ever, a nice 12.9” Pro model with an M2 chip that achieves dizzying performance - or a MacBook.

If you have lost your mind for the beautiful car that is the iPad Pro M2, stop for a moment, breathe and read yourself, this “not review” is a bit controversial.

It's theiPad Pro best ever, since 2018.

Let's start with the rant.

The laziness of contemporary innovation

The last decade of technological evolution has brought us technology enthusiasts a great deal of satisfaction:

  • Flying cars
  • Space travel
  • Artificial intelligence at our service
  • Remote-controlled killer robots
  • Infinite virtual worlds

It would have been really nice right?

Let's give ourselves a minute to dream..

.. okay, let's get back to reality.

In recent years there have been many small but satisfying innovations that have changed our way of life and other big ones - pass the term to me - marketing crap like the Metaverse.

THEiPad Pro M2Unfortunately, it is Son of Marketing and Apple's lazy and conservative politics to release new products with small and insignificant innovations to always have the highest cost/earnings ratio.

In short, theiPad Pro M2 is identical to the 2018 model not because Apple's designers have run out of ideas but, rather, Why is there really no will to innovate.

The report of the last 6 years of iPad Pro what does it carry with it?

  • Improved display
  • New chip with better performance
  • Inconvenient accessories

For the rest, we have the same and identical product in which only the year of release varies, on balance the user experience is the same.

Oh yes, the XDR screen is identical to the model with M1.


iPadOS is a joke and currently makes the iPad Pro 100% unusable as a primary device, an abortion of User Experience that absolutely does not replace a PC and that counts how many Pro apps? One? Two?

In Apple's mind, the iPad remains a GIANT IPHONE WITH GIANT APPS and nothing more.


If the budget is tight, Get an iPad Pro from 2020 or 2021, stop reading this article now and fly to read mine Review on the iPad Pro with M1 chip which apparently is evergreen.

Otherwise you know what to do, let's learn more about the few but interesting (?) News about this beautiful, very powerful and absolutely wasted iPad Pro M2 What do I have purchased with a very specific objective, we'll talk about it later.

M2 chip: amazing performance on the 2022 iPad Pro

Let's start with the first, and perhaps most significant, news of the new iPad Pro 2022: the new Apple Silicon M2 chip.

In short, it's a beast.

The M2 chip is the heir to the super-revolutionary M1, which kicked off the Apple Silicon architecture on Mac and iPad, making iPads take a quantum leap in performance, bringing them to the same power level as a 13-inch MacBook Air or Pro!

Apple has a room of spirit and time like in Dragonball.

But let's go into detail about the technical specifications:

  • 8-core CPU, up to 15% faster than the M1
  • 10-core GPU, Up to 35% faster graphics power than the M1
  • 16-core Neural Engine, supports up to 40% more operations per second than the M1
  • 100Gbps unified memory bandwidth
  • Up to 16GB of RAM (or better, unified memory)

In short, a nice improvement compared to the previous generation, and even more so compared to the 2020 iPad Pro with A12Z Bionic chip.

THEiPad Pro, with the new M2 chip, is a monster of power with which you can work on 3D graphics, photo retouching and video editing projects with amazing fluidity and efficiency, thanks also to the excellent energy management of M2 and M1.

Super news, the full version of is available DaVinci Resolve which, as a former videomaker, I can't deny that it brought down a tear for how beautiful, complete and optimized it is on the iPad!

Let's just wait for Apple to wake up with a redesign of the Files app to improve workflows.


Hover: super precision for Apple Pencil

iPad Pro M2, thanks to a reckless marketing move - otherwise they wouldn't have known why to release it - allows you to work with greater precision with the Apple Pencil thanks to the new Hover function, all it does is display a small indicator on the screen when the Apple Pencil approaches the display by at least 12 millimeters.

Below is an indicative fountain, super useful for precision work, for example, on Procreate!

Wi-Fi 6E connectivity

News also in terms of connectivity that, in addition to the already super powerful 5G introduced with the 2021 iPad Pro models, will go even further thanks to the support for Wi-Fi 6E standard, with a maximum speed of 2.4Gps.



The battery and battery life aspect are not among the news but a note of disappointment must be made.

I'll make it simple for you, using it mildly with video streaming and web browsing makes 8-9 hours of battery life.

All the other sites say this, they don't know how to use an iPad to do anything else.

I can imagine fellow vacuum reviewers pressing f***o keys seeing shit for 8 hours and then saying “hey it lasts 9 hours”.

If you really use it with apps like Procreate Really It's 4-5 hours, not more.

Did you know.

But let's ask ourselves the question of the questions and think a bit.

Is it worth it?

Let's be clear.

THEiPad Pro M2 It is very powerful, beautiful and of disarming mobility comfort!

I want to dare: it is the pinnacle of hardware perfection in the last 10 years of development.

But I stress, hardware.

Unfortunately, it brings with it two problems:

  • corporate ideology, it's a giant iPhone
  • Internal competition, cannot go into the Mac market by actually selling itself as a replacement for a laptop because it would affect MacBook sales

So yes, Apple sells it at the communication level as a replacement for the Macbook but, in reality, it is not at all because of the deliberately limited iPadOS.

Let's move on.

Yes, it's worth it

It's worth buying iPad Pro M2 If:

  • Are you artists, all the apps designed for creativity are absolutely 10 spans above their desktop counterparts; first of all, Procreate is crazy for designers and illustrators and the new Hover function makes precision operations even more intuitive
  • Are you students (demanding haha), on the App Store there are all the apps suitable for both school and university teaching and the portability combined with the convenience of the Apple Pencil make iPad Pro the perfect companion for university trips
  • If you don't have an iPad Pro, come on if you have the previous models up to 2018 “Tate Boni” and wait because very little and nothing changes
  • If you work on the move, iPad Pro is the perfect traveling companion where a tablet is not enough but a MacBook is exaggerated; we'll talk about it in the next paragraph.

And that's it, For the rest there is Mastercard.

Why buy iPad Pro cellular version?

I admit the question about the Cellular version of the iPad in general, I have always had it.

In fact, I never understood it.

Then the lighting, or rather the need, to be able to work on the move without draining the iPhone battery due to the cellular network hotspot.

I'll throw it there.

iPad Pro M2 (or any other iPad Pro) is Absolutely worth buying in a cellular version, is a game changer that allows you to work at sea, in the mountains or in the countryside lost in the green in total autonomy:

  • Thanks to the SIM you can always stay connected with the world and carry out all the tasks that absolutely require an internet connection.
    Example? Meetings, Mail, Docs.
  • Thanks to the Magic Keyboard you can do anything and everything you would do with a laptop such as, for example, write an article for your blog by the sea while sipping a fresh and alcoholic spritz (now I know what to blame for the rant)


Aaaahh how many words to write a review of an iPad Pro identical to the previous model, already extensively reviewed.

this iPad Pro M2 is a beautiful and very uninnovative refresh 'Apple' with very little news.

I took it because I needed a nice device to use on the move with the SIM, writing articles by the sea is priceless.

For everything else, there's a well-reviewed iPad Pro M1 here.

Until the next crazy review guys.

written by human, not by AI

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