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Playstation Portal: Is it worth it?

Pros and Cons for an Informed Decision

April 28, 2024
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Playstation Portal: Is it worth it?

In short

Let's go deeper

If there's one thing video game fans love to discuss, it's the latest innovation in the console world.

And one of the most recent contenders is the Playstation Portal by Sony.

The Portal was presented as a revolutionary way to Always carry the power of the PS5 with you, allowing you to play your favorite games literally anywhere (or wherever there is internet in short).

But the question everyone asks is: is it worth it?

Let's go deeper together.


La Playstation Portal offers an innovative solution for those who want to take the power of the PS5 wherever they go.

But there are several things to consider before deciding if Portal is right for your needs.

Let's go in order.


  • Connection flexibility: The ability to connect to the PS5 via the home Wi-Fi network or through the phone's hotspot offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games even when they're away from home.
  • Speed and integration: The speed and integration of the connection to the PS5 are undoubtedly advantages, making the gaming experience smooth and seamless.
  • Portability: La Playstation Portal is ideal for those who travel frequently or have gaming needs away from home, allowing them to continue the gaming experience wherever they go.
  • Games and gaming: Despite some limitations related to connectivity, Portal still offers the possibility to play all the games that you already own on PS5, making the gaming experience versatile and without forcing you to buy the same game twice for another platform.
  • Quality hardware: The Portal has an excellent screen from 1080p to 60Hz and a full-bodied audio
  • Controller grip: The Portal grip reproduces the same experience as the Dualsense, offering appreciable ergonomics for long gaming sessions.


  • Headphone compatibility: The lack of Bluetooth and the obligation to buy wireless headphones compatible with Playstation Link is one of Portal's biggest problems.
  • Criticizable design: The Portal design, similar to a Dualsense cut in half with a screen, has received criticism for its appearance and for some defects in use, such as the position of the analogs
  • Weight and grip: The weight of 540 g may cause discomfort during prolonged use. Not to mention the controller grip which, although it reproduces the Dualsense experience, is different from the latter, is slightly larger and forces you to get used to the grip again.
  • Remote Play limitations: When connecting remotely, it is not possible to change the video settings of the PS5 through the Portal, making additional and premeditated measures necessary to optimize the gaming experience (read my guiding about it).
  • Price: The price of 219€ is a significant investment for what it offers, especially considering its limitations and flaws.


So, returning to the initial question, is it worth buying the Playstation Portal? The answer depends on individual needs.

If you need a solution for playing outside the home or when the TV is busy, it might be a choice you should consider.

For everyone else, it is an almost “luxury” item given the price of 219€ and what it offers.

I bought it and it's still satisfying to be able to play in places other than the sofa, such as lying in bed or on the timeless toilet.


For more details read mine full review on the Playstation Portal.

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