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How to optimize gaming performance on Playstation Portal: best settings and tips

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April 28, 2024
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How to optimize gaming performance on Playstation Portal: best settings and tips

In short

Let's go deeper

Let's see together how to optimize the performance of our loved one Playstation Portal.

With this guide to the best settings you could get Zero input lag and also allow yourself a few games of games like Call of Duty where latency makes the difference.

You'll need to change your PS5 settings every time you want to play with Portal, tedious but necessary until Sony changes the settings automatically.

Best PS5 settings

Let's start with the basic prerequisite: you must have a Internet connection with at least 15/20mb of UPLOAD and decent download power.

Let's move on to the PS5 settings to optimize streaming performance on the Portal.

Connect the PS5 to the router via Ethernet cable

To work properly the Playstation Portal requires a stable connection Over time, connecting your PS5 directly to the router via Ethernet cable guarantees the right stability for optimal performance.

Change the PS5 video output setting

Image Credits: Future/Rob Dwiar/Sony

La Playstation Portal It has a screen with a 1080p resolution so, to avoid unnecessary streaming downscaling processes, it is good to change the video output settings of the PS5 from 4K to 1080p.

In addition, always in the Screen and Video settings:

  • Turn off VRR
  • Turn off HDR
  • Turn off ALLM

It may seem repetitive and obnoxious but these small tricks significantly help Portal to optimize performance.

Always play in Performance mode

To further optimize the video rendering of Portal The advice is to always play in Performance mode in any game.

The high refresh rate of this mode will make streaming on the Portal smoother, improving the gaming experience.

Wi-Fi settings

Image Credits: Future/Rob Dwiar/Sony

If you can't connect the PS5 via Ethernet cable due to the location of the router, make sure you connect it to your Wi-Fi's 5GHZ connection and not to 2.4.

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