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What is the cause of the chip crisis? I'll explain it to you in 2 minutes

Where did all the PS5 go? What about the RTX 3000?

In breve:

  • Don't buy an Nvidia RTX 3000 GPU, you'll pay triple the list price
  • Even the PS5, dream it
  • There is an ongoing crisis because there is more demand than supply
  • Covid has ruined everything but it's not the only cause
  • In 2022 the crisis will continue, put your soul at peace


Do you also perceive, among the bytes that separate us, the weak but perceptible connection that binds you readers to me and, of course, the words of this article?

Yes, and it's the frustration that wears us down slowly, like a simmering flame, for not being able to buy a c**** of PS5 or an Nvidia RTX 3000!

They are so unobtainable that the Witch Hunt, in comparison, It was a walk!

But what is all this due to?

The problems are essentially two:

  • There are Damn scalpers who, thanks to bots, are able to grab the few stocks for sale and then Resell them at triple the price.
  • The chip crisis, or rather, of semiconductors.

The global semiconductor crisis

The global chip shortage, which began in 2020 and which we are still carrying around, in 2022, is caused by a simple, but terrible, factor: the Demand is greater than supply.

Put simply, semiconductor production cannot keep up with companies, causing, on a chain, everything we have become used to: Price increases, endless shortages and queues to buy technology that inevitably ends up in the hands of bots and scalpers.

Obviously there is a cause, or more causes in reality, for all of this:

  • The COVID 19 He messed up
  • Is there an ongoing trade war between America and China
  • Weather accidents in Gogo
  • Lo Smartworking, and the full quarantine, has caused a very strong demand for computers, webcams, etc. that has only disproportionately increased the consumption of chips at a time when, in fact, there are none.

What is the reason why, however, we easily find iPhones and Laptops of various types for sale online and no PS5 or Nvidia Video Card?

Are there any Stages of products divided by necessity Therefore, the few semiconductors produced are divided among companies based on what is produced.

A smartphone, used by everyone on a daily basis, obviously has priority over a Playstation because consoles are not among the basic necessities.

Here's the story, Easy Peazy, explained in 2 minutes.

Obviously I'm still desperate because I need an RTX 3060 to work and online, the scalpers sell it for 1200€.

So how do you buy a PS5 or an RTX 3000 in 2022? You don't do it, wait or Do you play Stadia.

I would like to use the beautiful 3060 for Mining cryptocurrencies, but that's another story.

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