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The 2022 challenge: Nvidia Rtx vs Apple M1 Max

Performance or reliability? The doubt of creatives and professionals

January 6, 2022
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The 2022 challenge: Nvidia Rtx vs Apple M1 Max

In short

Let's go deeper

We live inBest time ever from the point of view of technology, we were born in the era of the Internet, smartphones, virtual reality and we will probably see Elon Musk set foot on Mars sooner than we think.

We are already thinking about Web 3.0, Facebook has changed its name to Meta to focus everything on virtual metaverses, Tesla has presented its first robot equipped with artificial intelligence and we are about to create the largest network of connections thanks to 5G.

And what do we creatives and professionals do? We argue in Facebook groups about what is better between Windows and Macbook, between Microsoft and Apple, between Nvidia and Apple M1.

Leaving aside the difference in 'problems' between ours and those of dear Elon who, every day, wakes up thinking how Terraforming Mars by nuclearizing the poles, today I decided to have my say on the age-old unanswered question:

In 2022 is it better to buy a Windows PC with Intel and Nvidia RTX 3000 processors or a nice Macbook Pro with M1 Max?

I am writing this article from a Macbook Air with M1 so the answer is perhaps obvious but, considering the use cases in which I would like to hammer it out, let's go deeper together.

Preface before launching the Pippone: I will speak only from personal experience, no electronic device will be really mistreated, destroyed, set on fire or hammered.

The useless feud of the one who has the biggest one... the PC

For as long as I can remember I've been reading online about the feud between Windows PCs and Macs, all accompanied by insults and colorful phrases that I'm not here to repeat.

The beauty of the Internet, and the problem in case of unconscious ignorance, is that everyone is free to express themselves as they see fit without any 'controller' who can censor in the event of rubbish.

Well, the feud that from now on we will call 'useless' has been going on since the first Macintosh had access to the Internet and the good thing is that the same individuals who misspelled Windows and vice versa, to date, are likely to have moved on to the much hated 'dark side'.

My opinion on this? When the fox doesn't get to the grape, it says it's unripe.

A Windows PC starts at 300€, a Macbook at 1159€. I Windows lovers they had no money to buy a MacBook (including me xD).

On the other hand, until 2019, a 300€ Windows PC did the same things good or bad as the 1159€ MacBook Air. Both were only useful for browsing, writing documents and shooting motor series on Netflix.

And, again until 2019, it made much more sense to buy a nice Windows PC with an i7 processor and an Nvidia overpower GPU because for the same amount Apple offered paperweights without a GPU.

The performance gap was not insignificant and 2000€ was not enough to buy a machine that could really meet all the needs that a professional might have.

The main problem, among other things, is that there are so many professions out there that no laptop, until recently, could have been crowned as the best compromise between portability, performance and consumption.

The needs of a video editor will never be comparable to those of a 3D modeler, programmer or designer.

What these professions have in common is only one thing: Brute force is needed.

2020, the rebirth of portable computers

Finally I can say this phrase in a context where I may not seem like a sociopath who loves quarantines, 2020 was a great year for technology and consumers.

In November 2020, Apple introduced the MacBooks with the brand new M1 chip which, right from the start, made people speak well of themselves for consumption/performance ratio.

To keep it simple, the M1 chip is a SoC (system on a chip), a single block that contains all the important components: CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O and much more on a single, very small circuit. In this way, the connections are faster and, thanks to the architecture initially developed for iPhones, the Mac can reach exceptional performance while maintaining very low energy consumption.

A practical example? The Macbook Air M1 can do it safely 15 hours of web browsing.

A 'professional example'? A Mac with M1 can easily do hours of development on VS Code without the slightest hesitation.

An 'extreme' example? With the Macbook Air M1 I can model and render complex materials in Blender with almost no slowdown, with peace of mind, without the machine getting too hot or discharging immediately.

A battery-powered Windows PC on Blender lasts 20 minutes.

And if the MacBook Air M1 In 2020 it was, and still is, the best machine to buy in terms of quality/performance ratio (I paid for it 850€ on Black Friday), Apple in November 2021 presented the new high-end laptops that are equipped with beasts of SoC that make any laptop manufacturer out there tremble the legs: M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Two monsters of power with a 10-core CPU and a GPU that goes up to 32-core. Pure brute force.

The verdict

But after all I'm a big fan on Macbooks can we know what I think of the challenge with Nvidia?

The Macbook wins.

End of article hahahaha


Come on, I'll explain why.

Nvidia GPUs are monsters of power, really. The technology of Ray Tracing allows real-time rendering performance that years ago we would have seriously struggled to imagine.

All professional modeling, rendering and vfx programs are now 100% optimized for Nvidia and 100% of workstations now have Very powerful RTX 3080 and 3090.

Really, I am something crazy.

But of course, like everything else, they also have flaws.

They consume a lot but a lot of energy that, for a stationary PC, it's not a problem at all.

But everything changes with laptops that, being built to be used on the move, have relatively small batteries.

Despite the existence of “mobile” versions of these GPUs, the consumption problem persists.

And, the biggest problem, is that GPUs don't perform at 100% performance if the laptop is not plugged in.

So it happens that on the move, with the laptop Is it possible to work yes and no 30 minutes and not even at full power.

The solution? M1 Max.

Apple has managed to create a real technological miracle by focusing everything on the balance between performance and consumption of the new SoCs, managing to create machines that grind almost like an RTX 3080 but with negligible energy consumption that allow you to work on the move for hours without compromise.

Nvidia recently stated that the new Studio Laptops will perform 7 times more than the MacBook Pro with M1 Max.

It may be true on paper but, in everyday life, what really matters at work is reliability.

And Apple's new MacBooks exude reliability and power.

Obviously, the most important thing must be said: the useless feud doesn't make sense because the experience varies from case to case.

A machine that mounts RTX is obviously and, definitely, more suitable for professionals who, on a daily basis, need the brute force of Ray Tracing to render large 3D projects.

A Macbook Pro with M1 Max, on the other hand, is more suitable for those who do need power but who also need a battery that really lasts long enough and that, potentially, can cover a working day on a single charge.

Which is what these Macbooks actually do.

Apple declares more than 15 hours of web use and several hours of work depending on the program used.

In short, super machines really built for professionals.

But I'm not going to buy it, I'm staying with my beautiful Macbook Air M1 that allows me to do, on a daily basis, more than 8 hours of web development without the slightest problem.

All for 850€.

Better than that... there's the iPad, but we'll talk about it in June 2022.

written by human, not by AI

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